October 27, 2021

Next Generation Batteries for Phones, Cars & Houses | Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG, GMGMF)

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Next Generation Batteries for Phones, Cars & Houses | Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG, GMGMF)

Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. (CVE:GMG, OTCMKTS:GMGMF) made three key announcements this week that have massive applications for the next generation of batteries we could see in phones, cars, and houses. GMG has produced a new type of low-cost, high-performing, recyclable battery that is environmentally friendly as it does not contain cobalt, nickel or lithium.

GMG utilizes lots of existing technology to make the new battery, but its nanochemistry is what makes it a top performer. GMG’s batteries charge 60X faster than today’s lithium-ion units and are 80X more powerful while lasting much longer. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) batteries are designed to remove the heat out of the battery. GMG’s battery doesn’t have that problem as it requires no cooling without sacrifice to its power.

“We think by the end of the year, we’ll start to make pouch packs. So that means we’ll have coin cells and pouch packs (batteries). Now, pouch packs are what are sitting in your phone and laptops. But what’s great about our batteries is that they can go into cars, grid and house batteries. So, that pouch pack is very versatile. That will be a square or rectangle and will be able to be working in many applications including EV’s. It’s such a next-gen battery it has many different applications.” – CEO Craig Nicol

Elon Musk may not know of GMG’s batteries yet, but the applications for this next generation of batteries are vast, and companies are starting to notice.

GMG and a global powerhouse of technology production, BOSCH, signed a collaboration arrangement for BOSCH to design, deliver, and commission GMG’s graphene aluminium-ion battery manufacturing plant. This is very exciting for shareholders as it sets the company up for the next phase: sales. The facility will operate next year, at which point GMG will have full battery commercialization at scale.

Watch the full interview to learn about the companies latest exciting press releases, GMG’s sales timelines, and vast applications for its batteries.


01:01 – GMG & BOSCH collaborative battery manufacturing plant
02:35 – Battery sales
04:42 – Automobile batteries and larger applications of battery technology
06:45 – Elon Musk & Tesla & other companies using GMG’s batteries
08:25 – GMG other products
11:03 – Competitive batteries
14:25 – Other applications for batteries


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