October 21, 2021

Not a Bet On One Drug, A Growing Psychedelic Clinic Model | Delic (DELC, DELCF)

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Not a Bet On One Drug, A Growing Psychedelic Clinic Model | Delic (DELC, DELCF)

Delic Holdings Inc (CNSX:DELC, OTCMKTS:DELCF) became the largest psychedelic wellness clinic chain in the U.S with its acquisition of Ketamine Wellness Centers. This presents an intriguing proposition for shroom boom investors as Delic is not a bet on a singular novel psychedelic molecule that may or may not eventually make its way to market in the next decade. Instead, Delic has a clinical model to distribute mental health treatments to patients, which other psychedelic drug development companies will use for their own distribution.

Delic is building the framework for the ongoing psychedelic revolution. The company is building a complete psychedelic mental health ecosystem; From a web platform to discover treatments, the clinics to pursue those treatments, while also hosting some of the largest psychedelic events to distribute further information.   The latest and largest “Meet DELIC” is being hosted in Las Vegas November 6-7 and has keynote speakers such as Duncan Trussell, Jason Silva and Aubrey Marcus.

“This is a brand new industry that is going to transform how people address mental health, and we want to be at the forefront of it. We’ve come at this building a cash flow positive long-term business. We are not looking to raise hundreds of million dollars and take a crapshoot on a potential substance that maybe gets cashed out in 10 years. We think there is a lot of things we can do right now to make real cash flow and get real growth and give us an opportunity to build a really real business.” – Delic Holdings Inc CEO Matt Stang

Watch the full interview to learn about Delic’s growing ecosystem, the new 15 clinics it’s planning on opening in the next 18 months, and the company’s opinion on the future of psychedelics.


00:00 – Delic Holdings Inc (CNSX:DELC, OTCMKTS:DELCF) CEO Matt Stang
00:52 – Latest company developments
02:08 – Investment thesis
05:38 – Big pharma
07:37 – Future of psychedelics
13:23 – DELC Financial Report Card
14:23 – DELC Price Action


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