November 19, 2021

Fed Talk: A Game of Chicken | Midas Letter RAW ft $META @EliasTheodorou @wolfofwolfst

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Fed Talk: A Game of Chicken | Midas Letter RAW ft $META @EliasTheodorou @wolfofwolfst

Asset prices have never boomed this quickly, by this much, in history. The cause? The Fed’s unlimited money printing and keeping interest rates artificially low. The result? The stock market is now playing a game of chicken, with this inflation move, interest rates and the response from central banks.

Powell is willing to gamble that price increases are transitory. The problem is that if you wait to find out whether or not that is true, it could already be too late. Hence the game of chicken. And games of chicken are often reckless and dangerous, with dire consequences.

There’s a saying: don’t let the inflation genie out of the bottle. Well, Aladin has rubbed the lamp. There is clear inflation taking over, but the risk lies in the Fed waiting too long. The concern now is the risk of a vicious feedback loop between actual inflation and expectations.

Today’s special guests:

Elias “The Spartan” Theodorou:
Elias is set to become the first athlete to compete in a professional sport in the US with an exemption for medicinal cannabis. The former UFC star and winner of The Ultimate Fighter is fighting Bryan Baker on Saturday, December 18. This is “The Mane Event” of the Colorado Combat Club 10 event. But perhaps a larger battle is his fight against the stigma of cannabis in sports.

Roundhill Investments Co-Founder & CIO Tim Maloney

Roundhill Investments offers investors targeted, pure-play exposure to the investment themes of the future through 7 different ETFs. The most popular of which is the company’s metaverse ETF: NYSE:META. The META ETF crossed $500 million in assets under management after just two weeks since reaching $250 million. The obvious metaverse surge recently is due to Facebook’s name change to Meta.

Publisher of the finance & econ site Wolf Street: Wolf Richter

We were lucky enough for Wolf to join us to discuss the Fed’s game of chicken, massive price increases, and the cost of monetary policy to Americans.


00:00 – Midas Letter RAW
01:07 – Coming Up
02:55 – Audience questions
02:58 – Voxtur & NuRAN prices
03:44 – Voxtur Analytics social media & financials
04:08 – Commodity supercycle, precious metals & cannabis bull run
05:18 – Tesla lithium-ion batteries & $GMG
06:34 – Graphene in vaccines
07:04 – Silver in batteries
07:20 – New York Fed statement
07:57 – Tax-loss harvesting
08:56 – Agra Ventures $AGRA
09:26 – Best time to buy cannabis stocks
10:09 – Characterization of 2021 in markets
11:53 – “Fed Talk”
13:26 – Wolf of Wolf Street
36:23 – Elias “The Spartan” Theodorou
46:55 – Roundhill Investments (NYSE:META)


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