November 10, 2021

Orange Partners with NuRAN to Connect Rural Africa ($ORAN $NUR)

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Orange Partners with NuRAN to Connect Rural Africa ($ORAN $NUR)

If you have travelled around Europe, you will know of the telecom dominance of Orange SA (NYSE:ORAN). Orange provides mobile telecommunications and data transmission services to customers, businesses, and other telecommunications operators internationally. The telecom company has a growth plan, guided by the aspiration to be exemplary in social and environmental accountability, with ambitions to expand its presence into rural areas and accelerate the development in those regions to expand access to financial services.

“The main reason to go into the rural areas is to try to help the economy and the ecosystem to have better penetration. Not only telecom but also other services. When we talk about the rural areas, the main activities are agriculture, farming, plantation. and if they don’t have access to certain telecom infrastructure, this means they don’t have access to any financial services.” – Orange Cameroon Director, Engineering And Network Development Abdallah Nassar

One of the ways Orange has gone about the global problem of disconnectivity is to partner with NuRAN Wireless Inc (CNSX:NUR, OTCMKTS:NRRWF).

NuRAN Wireless is a leading mobile and broadband wireless infrastructure solutions supplier that is providing connectivity to the most remote places on the planet. NuRAN offers the world’s most affordable, lowest power consumption and easiest to deploy wireless solutions. The company’s products have a proven track record in the most trying environmental conditions globally.

Orange has signed partnership contracts with NuRAN for the build-out of networking sites in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for a minimum term of ten years. This partnership has the capacity to connect 10’s of millions of people.

“The partnership we set with NuRAN is to go with a certain type of investment and technology into the rural areas. So the penetration with them is to focus where [Orange] doesn’t have coverage, where others don’t have coverage, and to widely spread and to expand coverage with them into those specific areas.” – Orange Cameroon Director, Engineering And Network Development Abdallah Nassar

Watch the full interview to learn how Orange is becoming the largest telecom company in Africa, how Orange is connecting millions of people in rural areas, and how its partnership with NuRAN Wireless is facilitating this much-needed change.


00:00 – Orange Cameroon Director, Engineering & Network Development
00:46 – Orange SA & Orange Cameroon overview
01:57 – Cameroon Total Addressable Market (TAM)
03:48 – Competitors
04:21 – NuRAN Wireless partnership
05:47 – Rural Cameroon opportunity with NuRAN
07:59 – How Orange distributes services
09:49 – Government funding

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