November 4, 2021

Pioneering Kidney Disease Therapies for COVID Patients | XORTX Therapeutics ($XRTX $XRX)

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Pioneering Kidney Disease Therapies for COVID Patients | XORTX Therapeutics ($XRTX $XRX)

XORTX Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:XRTXCNSX:XRX) was founded to develop drugs that could treat several diseases by reducing uric acid, linked to cardiovascular and renal diseases. Since then, XORTX has written provisional patents for its novel formulation to decrease acute kidney injury (AKI), as well as health consequences associated with Coronavirus (COVID) infection.

XORTX has seen its share price rise 125% this year, delighting many shareholders. But, what may intrigue new investors is the company’s recent up-listing to the NASDAQ stock exchange and its 11.74-to-1 share consolidation. A company with a small share structure with drugs at the advanced clinical testing stage is rare.

The $12 million funding gained through the company’s NASDAQ up-listing helps with its almost completed GMP drug manufacturing and stage III clinical trials.

XORTX recognized early into the pandemic that acute kidney injury may involve high uric acid levels and contribute to AKI, multi-organ injury, and sepsis. One of the company’s clinical trials is to use the company’s uric acid lowering agents to treat AKI in the most severe cases of COVID-19 hospitalization and death. It has been shown, through the company’s partnership with Mount Sinai, that 50% of individuals hospitalized with COVID have levels of acute kidney injury that are still addressable. The studies also suggest an emergence of novel, accelerated chronic kidney disease in COVID patients that could lead to the second leading cause of chronic kidney disease in the future.

“We think we are ideally suited to address this unique mechanism of injury that’s occurring with COVID due to high uric acid levels.” “We see the opportunity for emergency use approval as an opportunity to be marketing a drug in a years time.” – XORTX Therapeutics CEO Dr. Allen Davidoff

Watch the full CEO interview to learn about the XORTX Therapeutics latest developments, kidney treatments in COVID patients, and its clinical trial timelines.


00:00 – XORTX Therapeutics CEO Dr Allen Davidoff
00:43 – Company developments
03:13 – Consolidated share structure & NASDAQ uplisting
05:48 – COVID-related treatments
07:54 – % of COVID patients who suffer AKI
09:21 – Competing treatments
10:44 – Clinical trials timelines
11:46 – Partnerships


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