November 26, 2021

Stocks We’re Long On This Week | Midas Letter RAW ft $NUR $CCHW $AWKN

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Stocks We're Long On This Week | Midas Letter RAW ft $NUR $CCHW $AWKN

Happy Thanksgiving to our US watchers! But, Thanksgiving dinner is likely to be more expensive this year thanks to inflation and supply chain issues. Inflation has contributed to a rise in prices on grocery store shelves shown by the Consumer Price Index rise of 6.2% last month; The highest increase in 30 years. So, although your traditional feast might cost 14% more than last year, the good news is Midas Letter will talk you through some of the stocks we are long this week.

We answer which weed stocks will be best when the US finally legalizes the plant, commodity analysis, Voxtur Analytics upcoming financials, and of course present 3 exclusive interviews:


NuRAN Wireless is a leading supplier of mobile and broadband wireless infrastructure solutions. The company has disrupted the telecom business by making it profitable to service rural areas. NuRAN’s technology and NaaS business model will connect the world’s most remote areas and transform social and economic challenges in locations people never had access to the internet before.

Columbia Care Inc (CNSX:CCHW, OTCMKTS:CCHWF) Chief Growth Officer Jesse Channon

Columbia Care is one of the original and largest cannabis providers worldwide, with licenses in 18 U.S. jurisdictions and the EU. The company has built the correct brand partnerships to drive sales equating, most recently, in its record Q3 2021 financials reporting quarterly revenue of $132.3 million (an increase of 144% YoY, 21% QoQ). CCHW latest partnership includes iconic heavyweight champion Mike Tyson’s Tyson 2.0 cannabis brand.

Awakn Life Sciences (NEO:AWKN, OTCMKTS:AWKNF) CEO Anthony Tennyson

Awakn Life Sciences is a biotechnology company developing psychedelic therapeutics, both drugs and associated therapies) to better treat addiction. Awakn has acquired the exclusive rights to the world’s only phase IIb clinical trial for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy to treat Alcohol Use Disorder. The company also has a pipeline of MDMA and novel compounds treating addictions. Awakn combines psychedelics with psychotherapy to treat mental health conditions in its clinics in Europe and the UK.


00:00 – Midas Letter RAW
00:40 – Coming Up
02:20 – Audience Questions
02:25 – Phinergy vs $GMG
03:34 – $CWRK
03:55 – Best weed stocks when US legalizes
04:59 – Best stocks this week ($GMG $USCU $VXTR)
06:58 – Bre-X & Theranos
08:29 – Voxtur Analytics PR
10:12 – Copper
12:21 – Inflation & Fed
13:50 – Amazon $AMZN double top
16:14 – NuRAN Wireless $NUR $NRRWF interview
26:26 – $NUR chart
28:24 – Columbia Care $CCHW $CCHWF interview
42:50 – $CCHW chart
43:22 – Bitcoin $BTC & crypto
44:20 – Gold
45:09 – 10 year rate
45:51 – Voxtur Benutech acquisition & financials
48:10 – Awakn Life Sciences $AWKN $AWKNF interview
01:00:03 – $AWKN chart
01:01:49 – Strategic Petroleum Reserve


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