November 24, 2021

The Metaverse is Here: Invest in the Virtual Reality Future with $META

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The Metaverse is Here: Invest in the Virtual Reality Future with $META

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg thrust the metaverse into the spotlight after renaming the parent company Meta Platforms Inc. For Facebook to make such a fundamental shift shows the large interest and reality of people’s idea of one day living in a virtual world, augmented reality and next generation of the internet.

“The metaverse, more than any of our other themes, really has the potential to be more than just a theme in the long run. If you think about it as the successor state to the internet, an internet ETF is pretty broad, and if you zoom out 10 years from now, I think there’s a chance that people could look to the metaverse almost like the internet. In that case, it really is a broader theme and not just a subtheme in a way” – Roundhill Investments Co-Founder Tim Maloney

Roundhill Investments offers investors targeted, pure-play exposure to the investment themes of the future through 7 different ETFs. The most popular is the company’s metaverse ETF: NYSE:META. The META ETF crossed $500 million in assets under management after just two weeks of reaching $250 million.

“A rising tide lifts all boats” is the popular investor saying, which may be true after Facebook ignited the entire metaverse sector. A good idea for investors that do not understand the exact definition of the metaverse or the different components that make up the term is to gain broad exposure to the theme itself. That is where Roundhill Investments ETF comes in.

“If you want to bet on one of the spaces that we have an ETF in, you can do your own homework and try to pick the winners and you may be right or maybe wrong. We want to create products so you can make that bet on a space and kind of be right whether or not your individual picks are right. It would be a real shame that for example with sports betting, you picked sports betting to be the trend of the next 18 months and you picked 2 single names and they underperformed. You were right, but you have nothing to show for it. We try to do that homework for you and give you broad exposure to the theme itself” – Roundhill Investments Co-Founder Tim Maloney

Roundhill Investments also offers exposure to further ETFs disrupting new industries. Sports Betting (NYSE:BETZ), Pro Sports (NYSE:MVP), Esports (NYSE:NERD), Streaming (NYSE:SUBZ), Value (NYSE:DEEP), Digital Infrastructure (NYSE:BYTE).

Watch the full interview to learn about the internets successor state, the core holdings of the META ETF, and how investors can gain diversified metaverse exposure.


00:00 – Roundhill Investments CIO Tim Maloney
00:38 – Meta NYSE ticker
01:48 – Metaverse components
02:35 – Metaverse definition
03:27 – Video games
04:29 – Doubling assets under management
06:20 – Share Prive performance & other Roundhill ETFs
08:06 – Meta ETF holdings
08:38 – Sector exposure
10:36 – Metaverse tangible assets


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