December 17, 2021

Best Stock Market Books & Websites to Help Your Investing | Midas Letter RAW ft $FTRP $DRUG @SC_FUNDS

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Best Stock Market Books & Websites to Help Your Investing | Midas Letter RAW ft $FTRP $DRUG @SC_FUNDS

Did you know that the average stock market return over the past century is around 10%? That is why it’s important to have a thorough investment strategy, a diverse portfolio and risk management skills. Keeping up with the latest investment news and reading a solid investing book can help you make those right financial decisions.

No matter your level of proficiency in deciphering markets, Midas Letter provides our list of insightful and entertaining reads. We also go through our investment criteria before we enter any stock position, the news sites we follow to keep up with the latest market trends, and how to receive legitimate investment reports on companies.

This is our last show of 2021, and therefore want to extend our best wishes from us to you for the holiday season. Happy trading between now and then, and we will see you again in 2022!

We will leave you with three exclusive interviews:

StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund Portfolio Manager Bruce Campbell joins us again to dissect the unfortunate year in the world of weed stocks. 2021 was the year of a lot of talk, with little action from the US government regarding legalization. That catalyst is still something to look forward to in the future, but when remains to be seen. Hear from Bruce to see how he is playing the pot stock industry into the new year.

Field Trip Health Ltd (NASDAQ: FTRP, TSE: FTRP) Co-Founder & Exec Chair Ronan Levy

Field Trip’s primary focus is developing novel, patented, regulated medicines to treat mental disorders, including depression and anxiety. The company’s main psychedelic molecule is a novel, synthetic drug called FT-104. The drug has a pharmacological profile similar to psilocybin, elicits a trip duration of 2-3 hours and is predicted to enter a phase 1 trial study in the first half of 2022.

Bright Minds Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: DRUG, CNSX: DRUG) CEO Ian McDonald

Bright Minds develop novel transformative treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders, epilepsy, and pain. Bright Minds has identified patentable psyched compounds to bring forward a more potent and safer investigational drug, with a significantly shorter trip time. Look for Q1 2022, where the company plans to announce a lead molecule for mental disease treatments and launch human clinical trials.


02:50 – Coming Up
03:35 – Audience Questions
03:41 – Professional stock analysis
05:00 – NuRAN $NUR $NRRWF stock
08:01 – Weed stock catalysts
09:29 – Voxtur .90 cent financing
11:01 – Voxtur potential NASDAQ listing
12:19 – Copper stocks
15:09 – Investment criteria
16:27 – Market rally after Fed taper & rate hike announcement
17:43 – Stock news websites
19:07 – Trading books
20:22 – Fed tapering & rate hikes
22:00 – 2021 fundamental economic events
23:23 – Bitcoin $BTC chart
24:35 – Gold chart
24:50 – Oil chart
25:39 – Lumber chart
26:45 – Graphene Manufacturing Group $GMG chart
28:15 – Market uncertainty
28:47 – Bright Minds Biosciences interview
39:53 – $DRUG chart
40:46 – Voxtur Analytics capital raise
41:06 – $VXTR chart
42:43 – Apple $AAPL chart
43:33 – The Fed wealth effect
45:05 – Stonecastle Cannabis Growth Fund interview
55:46 – Weed stocks
56:35 – Field Trip Health interview
1:07:34 – $FTRP chart
1:08:30 – Happy holiday season & Happy investing!

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