December 8, 2021

Capitalizing on the Carbon Credits Market | Delta Cleantech $DELT $DCTIF

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Capitalizing on the Carbon Credits Market | Delta Cleantech $DELT $DCTIF

Delta Cleantech Inc (CNSX: DELTOTCMKTS: DCTIF) is in the carbon dioxide capture business.

The company’s technology provides solutions to clients to capture, sequester, and reduce CO2. Delta Cleantech captures carbon dioxide mainly from exhausts, runs it through its technology to produce 99% pure gas.

The second-hand benefit of removing the CO2 for clients is the carbon credits Delta Cleantech can then develop.

“I think the 1,500 companies in the world that have committed to meaningful carbon reduction will be needing every voluntary credit that they can possibly get to meet the targets that they have put out there. They are bound to meet those objectives that investors expect from them. It’s going to be a great time to be in the carbon credits business.” – Executive Chairman Lionel Kambeitz

Currently, there are punitive penalties for companies emitting carbon dioxide. The penalty is in the form of a carbon tax ($50-$170 / tonne) that quantifies and monetizes carbon emissions costs. This global tax can be offset through the purchase of carbon credits.

Delta Cleantech is an ESG investment play as they reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. But, it is also a bet on the rise of the carbon credit market as more companies need to offset their emissions to meet their business objectives.

Watch the full interview to understand how Delta Cleantech captures CO2 and capitalize on the carbon credit market.


00:00 – Delta Cleantech $DELT $DCTIF Exec Chair Lionel Kambeitz
00:45 – Delta Cleantech overview
01:10 – Carbon dioxide capturing
01:50 – What $DELT do with captured carbon
03:03 – Revenue generation
03:33 – Government grants
04:27 – Carbon credits business
06:25 – Companies being forced to offset emissions with credits
08:23 – Institutional investment interest
09:35 – Installing & retrofitting Delta Cleantech technology

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