December 21, 2021

Novel Drugs Far Superior to Classic Psychedelics | Field Trip Health $FTRP

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Novel Drugs Far Superior to Classic Psychedelics | Field Trip Health $FTRP

Field Trip Health Ltd (NASDAQ: FTRP, TSE: FTRP) is designing the next generation of psychedelic molecules. Its drug development division, coupled with its operational clinics, provides an infrastructure to help people through an integrated, evidence-based approach to healing.

“The average person who comes into our clinics goes from severe depression symptoms down to mild depression symptoms after 1 or 2 sessions and after a course of treatment, those benefits are sustained for close to 120 days. As far as I’m aware there are no depression treatments out there as effective as what we are offering within Field Trip” – Field Trip Chairman Ronan Levy

Field Trip is developing novel drugs to solve two main limitations with classic psychedelics. The company wants to keep the potency of the classic compounds but finds ways to 1. the duration of action, and 2. significantly reduce 2b liabilities – basically a negative effect of using psychedelics regularly affecting the 5HT2B receptor.

“Through our pipeline projects, we’re addressing two of the fundamental limitations overall on psychedelics and building a class of psychedelic medicine that I think is going to be far superior from the classics.” – Field Trip Chairman Ronan Levy

Field Trip has a brand new pipeline project called the FT-200 series. This portfolio of molecules looks to solve the two major problems with the classic psychedelic compounds.

Field Trip’s main synthetic psychedelic molecule under development is still its FT-104. FT-104 has the same benefits as psilocybin but has half the “trip” time. Field Trip believes FT-104 will be the preferred molecule for patients and doctors because it will be cheaper and more accessible. FT-104 is also a new chemical entity where IP is robust. Field Trip has already applied for a new composition of matter patents and surrounding IP. The molecule will be undergoing phase 1 human clinical trials in the new year.

Watch the full interview to learn about Field Trips’ year of drug development and clinic growth, as well as catalysts to watch out for in 2022.


00:00 – Field Trip $FTRP Founder Ronan Levy
00:29 – Exciting company updates
03:07 – Treatments in clinics
04:29 – Psilocybin vs isolated novel drug
06:13 – Psychedelic market
08:24 – Q2 financials & profitability
09:35 – 2022 catalysts

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