December 13, 2021

Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF Triple Digit Revenue Growth Set To Continue in 2022

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Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF Triple Digit Revenue Growth Set To Continue in 2022

Voxtur Analytics Corp (CVE:VXTR, OTCMKTS:VXTRF) has been building digital real estate technology (PropTech) to empower clients, investors, lenders and governments looking to thrive in the market valued at over 100 billion dollars.

Voxtur has done this through four key acquisitions in 2021. The digital ecosystem has generated record financials quarter-on-quarter, year-on-year for the company, which is set to continue into 2022. But ultimately, Voxtur has created a more profitable future for the entire real estate industry. This means increased efficiencies across all aspects of real estate transactions, resulting in higher returns for key stakeholders and lower costs for consumers.

“What is Voxtur about? Voxtur for us: data is currency, 2. data is a service and we are delivering that service. 3. They’re going to continue to grow that data as a service, the margins are going to continue to expand. 4. They’re going to give you triple-digit topline revenue growth from 2021 to 2022. They are going to continue to build their data store and data architecture to deliver seamless solutions. Those are all the things that Voxtur is doing to make homeownership more transparent and more affordable.” – Voxtur Analytics CEO Jim Albertelli

Voxtur has always had a thesis around its acquisition targets: the company must be in PropTech, have positive EBITDA, have tremendous upside growth potential, and be synergistic across its range of services.

Voxtur’s key acquisitions this year have delivered on all of those fronts. As a result, Voxtur’s real estate platform has grown to deliver triple-digit revenue growth. Most recently, achieving quarterly revenue of $24.7 million, representing a 37% increase over Q2 2021 and a 402% increase over Q3 2020.

Anow has transformed Voxtur’s digital platform to connect lenders & services to appraisers to create a digital pipeline. Anow is poised to make over $7 million EBITDA annually and has just loaded its first major client.

Xome proved that Voxtur could do deals with “big-boys” having a relationship with a top 5 mortgage servicer in the USA. The acquisition also captured massive MLS data access. This adds to Voxtur’s largest real estate proprietary dataset and adds value to Voxtur’s existing services: tax services, title services, valuations, etc.

RealWealth (renamed VoxturWealth) expanded the platform to meet the needs of property/asset managers. A high-level asset management tool offered on a private blockchain. The acquisition was another step forward to becoming a one-stop-shop, full-service real estate technology platform.

Benutech gives lender clients the “special sauce”. Benutech provides lead generation for lenders and mortgage brokers, which could be invaluable when rates increase, resulting in fewer transactions.

All of these assets across title, tax and valuation technology enhance every step in property transactions. Every asset has also contributed to building Voxtur’s largest data store in North America. All those data assets are essential to connect a tangible real property asset to the digital world.

Voxtur has achieved all of this while simultaneously assembling a team of experts, scaling the company, and generating triple-digit revenue growth.

Watch the full CEO interview to learn about Voxtur blowout 400% revenue growth Q3, why the share price didn’t pop on the news, 2022 expectations for shareholders, and more.


00:00 – Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF CEO Jim Albertelli
00:58 – Why share price didn’t pop with record Q3 financials?
02:21 – Voxtur 2021 acquisitions & growth
08:53 – Shareholders dilution to make further acquisitions?
11:48 – Triple-digit revenue growth across different Voxtur divisions

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