January 7, 2022

2022 Stock Market Themes & Trends | Midas Letter RAW ft $NUMI @wolfofwolfst

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
2022 Stock Market Themes & Trends | Midas Letter RAW ft $NUMI @wolfofwolfst

We have barely taken a breath in the stock market in the last couple of years and 2022 is looking no different.

The major themes the market is currently fighting include the Fed taper tantrum against inflation, crypto volatility flooding into the stock market, NASDAQ stocks hitting all-time highs, and new pandemic fears causing uncertainty across the world.

Trying to factor all this information into sound investing decision-making is tough. That is why in this week’s episode of Midas Letter RAW we decipher the trends to follow for the beginning of 2022.

We also have two exclusive interviews:

Numinus Wellness Inc (TSE: NUMI, OTCMKTS: NUMIF) CEO Payton Nyquvest

The Numinus Wellness model includes psychedelic production, research and clinical care. The company is at the forefront of a transformation aimed at healing rather than managing symptoms for depression, anxiety, trauma, pain and substance abuse. Numinus is looking to take psilocybin extract products to market this year. This has been made possible as science sees broad medical use of psilocybin for mental health.

Wolf Richter, CEO of wolf street.com

@wolfofwolfst dissects economic, business, and financial data, Wall Street shenanigans, complex entanglements, debacles, and opportunities. Wolf joins Midas Letter today to discuss the Fed and Quantitative Tightening coming sooner, faster, and bigger.


00:00 – Midas Letter Intro
01:05 – Guests this week
01:41 – Audience Questions
01:49 – How’s life?
02:10 – Favourite cannabis
04:44 – Bitcoin $BTC price prediction
07:34 – Volatility
07:59 – 10-year rate
08:22 – 2022 in markets
09:25 – Apple $AAPL $3 trillion & NASDAQ
09:47 – Copper
11:50 – Silver
12:15 – Bald Eagle Gold $BIG
14:35 – Lumber
17:05 – Amazon $AMZN double top
17:57 – Fed “inside-edge” trading
19:00 – Rate hikes
20:44 – NFTs
21:35 – US Copper $USCU $USCUF
22:43 – Oil
24:45 – US energy infrastructure
27:22 – **Numinus Wellness CEO interview**
37:00 – $NUMI chart
37:32 – Club de Rugby Aguilas de Mijas shoutout
38:23 **Wolf of Wolf Street interview**
55:37 – Tapering
56:06 – Nuran Wireless $NUR $NRRWF press release
59:20 – Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF
01:01:20 – Final Thoughts

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