January 24, 2022

The Future of ESG Investing | Kizmet Impact Capital

Kizmet Impact Capital is launching the world’s first publicly-traded impact investment fund to democratize the future of (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ESG investing.

The simplest way to explain what impact investment is is a venture with core social and environmental impacts throughout its products and services. Ventures that run much deeper than what traditional ESG covers.

“Impact ventures have a core social or environmental purpose/mission and in a sense are a much deeper form of ESG. Historically most of them have been private companies and received venture capital or private equity investment and really what we’re doing through this public listing is building a bridge that allows mainstream/individual/institutional investors that can’t normally access the private equity and investments to participate and to invest” – Kizmet Impact Capital CEO James Tansey

Kizmet intends to build a portfolio of purpose-driven companies while allowing individual investors to participate in the portfolio’s growth.

Kizmet will initially focus on identifying impact businesses in three key areas:

Food innovation that challenges conventional industrial food production by reducing environmental impacts and improving food security.

Impact Technologies that offer scalable social and environmental benefits, ranging from energy efficiency solutions to alternative finance platforms and more.

Health technologies that focus on innovation to improve health and wellness outcomes through preventative measures such as dietary and behavioural changes.

The company’s goal is to raise $30-50 million concurrently or immediately after the listing on the NEO exchange in the next 60-90 days.


00:00 – Kizmet Impact Capital CEO James Tansey
00:42 – ESG Impact Investment Fund overview
01:49 – Size of fund
02:13 – Impact Venture example
03:58 – Governance
05:11 – Investor access to private companies
06:32 – Investment thesis
07:09 – Investor tax advantages
07:54 – “Greenwashing” companies
10:38 – Timeline to public NEO fund


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