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The Gold vs Bitcoin Debate | Midas Letter Daily ft @clairvoyantrx

Gold is looking stronger than ever before! Gold futures finished higher today and silver rallied by more than 3%. Both precious metals are now sitting at their highest prices since November.

As long as the Fed persists in reducing stimulus and increasing interest rates, gold should continue to outperform. Gold has often been used as a hedge against inflation. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, however, have done the opposite.

China has completely outlawed the mining and trading on Bitcoin $BTC – with other nations looking to follow suit due to the large electrical drain from mining. The demand for electric resources by crypto producers is only going to increase. Does the world have enough room for all crypto, and should that be allowed? That question has yet to be fully answered, and what will be the impact of those choices?

Gold and silver are the real money. The precious metals will remain as the standard long into the future regardless of other asset classes and government issues digital currency issuance.

Today’s special guest is biotech, pharma and cannabis entrepreneur Greg Engel – the new Clairvoyant Therapeutics Director.

Greg Engel should need no introduction to our audience, having been CEO of Tilray & Organigram and the General Manager of Forest Laboratories and Encysive (now part of Pfizer).

His new role sees him on the board of a private (for now) psychedelics company focused on the clinical validation of psilocybin in Canada, E.U. & the U.K. Last year Clairvoyant successfully completed a positive pre-CTA (Clinical Trial Application) meeting with Health Canada for its phase 2 psilocybin therapy trial. This year it plans to earn approval from Health Canada to initiate a phase 2 psilocybin therapy trial.



00:00 – Midas Letter Daily
02:02 – MLK day & markets this week
02:21 – US 10-year bond yield & rate hikes
03:42 – bulls vs bear tug of war
04:12 – Tapering history
05:02 – The “ 2008 financial crisis” never ended?
06:55 – The Wealth Effect
08:13 – Bitcoin $BTC
08:46 – Rates/stimulus correlation with $BTC
09:37 – Introducing Greg Engel (Former CEO of Organigram $OGI)
09:57 – Psilocybin & recreational psychedelics
10:51 – Cannabis “the gateway drug”
11:51 – Psilocybin treating alcohol-user disorder
12:17 – *Clairvoyant Therapeutics interview*
22:56 – Clairvoyant Series A funding round
23:21 – Today in markets
23:48 – Gold looking stronger than ever before
24:29 – Crypto suffering
26:28 – Copper future bull cycle
26:41 – Tin
27:21 – Lumber
28:58 – James West holdings
29:05 – Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF chart
30:13 – Doma Holdings $DOMA
30:30 – United Wholesale Mortgage $UWM appraisals
31:57 – Real Luck Group $LUCK $LUKEF
32:53 – NuRAN Wireless $NUR $NRRWF
34:24 – Graphene Manufacturing Group $GMG $GMGMF
35:18 – Private investment opportunities

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