February 18, 2022

A Bull Market Begets a Bear Market | Midas Letter Daily ft $CYBN

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
A Bull Market Begets a Bear Market | Midas Letter Daily ft $CYBN

There’s some blood in the streets as all major indices are down. The S&P 500 fell 2.1% with the Nasdaq sinking 2.9%. The Russian/Ukraine geopolitical instability indicators still concern investors coupled with surging inflation and how the Federal Reserve plans to fight it. But don’t forget, a bull market begets a bear market, and a bear market begets a bull market. So, there is always an opportunity to be found when prices go on sale.

The Fed has been forced into a position of being hawkish because they’ve lost control of inflation. There is one thing that is more important than the wealth effect of stimulus-stimulated markets and that is the possibility that people can’t afford groceries, homes or gasoline.

The Fed has started promoting a 0.25% rate rise for March. The market demand destruction has been tempered by the suddenly soaring cost of mortgages and the rising new home inventory in the United States. As interest rates rise and housing becomes less affordable.

Bitcoin is taking another hammering as its value as a safe haven asset fails decisively in the face of the imminent global conflict. Gold, on the other hand, is up just over $1,900 dollars per ounce. That’s an eight-month high as the deteriorating situation in Ukraine drives safe-haven interest into the metallic standard against which all money has always been measured.

We shift gears from macroeconomic news to bring back Cybin Inc (NEO:CYBN, NYSEAMERICAN:CYBN) CEO Doug Drysdale to talk about the progress the psychedelic company has been making over the last few months.

Cybin is taking the psychedelic molecules you have heard of like MDMA, psilocybin, and DMT and turning them into proprietary therapeutics for mental health disorders like depression and addiction. Psychedelic medicines are gaining traction as more people and investors believe the drugs could revolutionize mental healthcare. With 50+ novel psychedelic molecules in its preclinical pipeline, Cybin has one of the largest psychedelic portfolios in the world.


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09:07 – Cybin Inc $CYBN CEO Doug Drysdale
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