February 15, 2022

Diplomacy Works? Money Solves All Problems & Lithium is Relentless | Midas Letter Daily ft $ULTH

Welcome to Midas Letter Daily for this Tuesday, February 15th.

It is a very green day in the markets with all kinds of interesting things happening. Foremost among them, Russia pulling out of the Ukraine confrontation. This has created the impression that diplomacy might have actually worked, for now.

If you’re not following lithium it has quadrupled in price in the last 18 months and continues to add new ground every day. The lithium price rose another half of a percent to $48,630 per ton of lithium hydroxide today and looks to be going much higher.

Markets have surged higher around the world as signals from the Fed and other major central banks suggest that interest rates will not start rising too aggressively in March.

The Dow is up over 1%. Nasdaq is up just over 2%. The S&P is up 1.2% going higher. Gold is backed off a bit. Copper’s at $4.50 and holding strong, and bitcoin is up ever so slightly at 43,953.

All of this despite the VIX index rising 1.9% to over 28, suggesting that the rally is merely a bounce on the general trend lower in market sentiment. That trend has defined markets so far in 2022.

Prince Andrew’s back in the news today. Not that he ever left. But, Prince Andrew has finally settled his lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre for an undisclosed sum for trafficking her as a teenager. Proving money can solve all the world’s problems.

We also have an exclusive interview with United Lithium Corp (CNSX:ULTH, OTCMKTS:ULTHF)

United Lithium is an explorer for lithium deposits. The only way is up for lithium prices and demand. Electric vehicle (EV) demand will continue to drive the lithium market forward. United Lithium is poised to benefit from those rising prices as the company holds three mining projects in Canada, Sweden and Finland.


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