February 2, 2022

Play Games to Earn Money with New NFT Launch | Good Gamer Entertainment $GOOD $GGAMF

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Play Games to Earn Money with New NFT Launch | Good Gamer Entertainment $GOOD $GGAMF

Good Gamer Entertainment Inc (CVE: GOODOTCMKTS: GGAMF) is a small-cap esports/gaming company that converts any mobile game into a game users can win money playing. The tournament platform enables users to enter tournaments for a small fee that provides the chance to win a split of the whole pot. Similar to buy-in at a poker table. Except this is not considered gambling, it’s skilled gaming.

Good Gamer has realized that NFTs and Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming is building a slew of opportunities. The company, therefore, announced it signed a master services and license agreement with Fork Gaming to develop and launch a play-to-earn NFT game franchise called Chosen Ones. Good Gamer will develop multiple blockchain applications to create the Chosen Ones NFTs, artwork, characters, and a play-to-earn NFT-based blockchain game.

“We just launched our NFT project: play-to-earn gaming. So, we will be developing a game called The Chosen Ones for a company called Fork Gaming. The project just launched this morning on chosenones.io and it’s already received quite a bit of a response.” – Good Gaming Entertainment CEO Charlo Barbosa

The Chosen One’s NFT Marketplace will be a complete and comprehensive marketplace where players can purchase and sell various NFTs to play in the game. They can buy, sell, and trade their NFTs in the marketplace and use them to play in the game. The game has eight worlds within it. Players can use purchased NFT avatars and use them in the sandbox metaverse. This allows avatars to battle against other characters in the game.

Good Gamer is currently pre-revenue. But, with the recent NFT launch, its tournament management platform and the launch of a couple of games, the company expects to be revenue positive by the end of February or March.


00:00 – Good Gamer Entertainment $GOOD $GGAMF CEO Charlo Barbosa
00:37 – Company overview
01:18 – Chosen Ones NFT project
02:25 – Metaverse
03:20 – How company started?
04:59 – Revenue timeline
06:23 – Investments into company
06:36 – 2022 target revenue
08:42 – NFT “bad actors”

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