Putin Exhibiting Symptoms of Psychopathic Disregard for Humanity

Deploying thermobaric warheads to inflict maximum death on your neighbour is the very definition of sick and twisted. Our man Vlad reveals a level of disregard for human suffering that can only be symptomatic of serious mental illness. That makes him even more dangerous.

But mobilizing nuclear warheads is either a foolish bluff,or, if followed though on, the ultimate act of nihilistic conviction.

At this point, Putin has painted himself firmly into the proverbial corner. The closer he gets to immersing Russia in a nuclear imbroglio, the more likely his untimely demise.


If he has indeed lost it, that would suggest that the opportunity inherent in a bullet to the back of the head would not be lost on his less bloodthirsty, more commerce-oriented  cartel of oligarchs.

Not that his replacement would necessarily be any improvement. But given the opposition to this war – and the vindictive nature of its execution by the Russians – it is easy to imagine a backbencher stepping forward to “save” Russia from a madman.

The question is: would an order to launch nuclear warheads actually flow down the chain of command to launch?

The popular will in Russia would seem to be aligned with peace.

Today it is all complicated by the entry of German weapons into the battle on behalf of Ukraine. Germany is a NATO member. If Russia decides to retaliate against Germany in any way, NATO is obliged to respond. And that, more than anything, will hasten the end of the Russian campaign.

With SWIFT exclusion imposed on the main banks of Russia, there are about to emerge some serious disruptions to daily commerce.

Not only that, but the ongoing prosecution of protesters in Moscow and elsewhere may end up having a galvanizing effect on the rest of the population, which could see a popular uprising supplant the protests.

Putin could find himself immersed in widespread civil disruption at the same time as NATO draws closer to a full frontal assault on Russia if Germany is attacked.

One thing is certain: this conflict could actually set Russia back to the era of post-Soviet economic armegeddon.


James West

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