Rise of American Rightist Extremism in Canada Needs Attention

This trucker nonsense that has been elevated to disproportionate significance by media striving for clicks has revealed a worrying phenomenon in Canada. Categorizing the actions of a disgruntled few willing to block commerce with their transport trucks as peaceful is downright false.

Blocking public roadways and blasting train horns into the neighborhood around the capital is not just an act of aggression – it is an act of war.

This government needs to identify it as such and act accordingly. Leaving it to the broken PC party to parlay into some kind of political movement is politically suicidal. The liberals seem to be oblivious to this reality.

Forget the wayward Trump fans waving American flags in Dunnville, Ontario. And ignore the apparent correlation between low-wage machinery operators and muddled understanding of the inherent meanings of “freedom” and “liberal”.

The ability of the uniformly ill-informed to congregate online and transport their social-media inflamed outrage into the centers of government and commerce is a byproduct of the social media industry that must be curtailed. Leaving it to be “de-escalated” by like-minded police is the wrong approach.

But even more dangerous is the now-established precedent of provincial and municipal governments and police forces siding with these over-inspired self-anointed freedom fighters by ending mandates prematurely in what can only be interpreted by the general public as a victory for the insurgents.

What will the outcome be if say, a new variant emerges in flu season 2022/23 with higher virulence or transmissibility such that the only life-saving course of action is to impose new vaccine mandates and gathering restrictions?

I think it’s safe to say the compliance level will be a fraction of what it has been to date.

Do you think health care workers are going to continue to expose their very lives to the escalated and apparently government-endorsed ignorance that will, in this case, result in more of their own deaths?

I highly doubt it.

The strategy in dealing with this extreme minority flareup has been to avoid confrontation and count on the protesters to become bored and move on. But these people have protested themselves out of employment, and so allowing them to remain concentrated at borders and in city centers not only invigorates them on a daily basis – it facilitates ongoing recruitment of similarly disenfranchised who might join the community just because of the camaraderie portrayed on social media.

Where I live in rural southern Ontario, I am surrounded by anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, anti-government types who are united only in their penchant for attaching multiple giant flags to their oversized pickup trucks and their inability to articulate a cogent set of alternative approaches to the mandates and protections instituted by the government.

But the truly distressing feature shared by the willfully non-conformist is the range of conspiracy theories that underpin their cause(s).

For one thing, if “the government” was secretly launching infectious diseases into the population in an effort to reduce population, then wouldn’t they target the lower end of the intelligence scale by putting vaccine mandates in place, knowing this lot could be counted on the refuse?

And second, doesn’t the increasing frequency of viral migration from animals to humans since MERS, SARS, West Nile, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, etc demonstrate clearly the relationship between overpopulation and such mutation/transmissibility?

The unfortunate reality is that the still-unregulated algorithmic targeting of human attention by Google, Facebook, Tiktok, etc for click revenue has had the unintended consequence of causing concentrations of social cohesion among extremist groups.

Google’s standard defence that “its the algorithm” apparently is still sufficient to satisfy the dim-witted scrutiny by Canada’s anti-competition authority.

Algorithms are written by humans, with a logic structure that reliably yields the identical outcome. So it’s not the algorithm that needs scrutiny, but the outcomes. Regulate the outcomes (for a far wider range of limitations beyond just privacy issues), and we begin to not just throttle the strident hysteria of the extremists, but also temper the stranglehold the likes of Google and Facebook have on national content producers.

Compounding this problem is the fear that lawmakers have of offending Google or Facebook, knowing that these companies can and will orchestrate opinion to achieve their replacement with politicos more sympathetic to their race toward world domination.

We are constantly worrying over the potential annihilation of humanity as a result of Artificial Intelligence ascending to control the world. But that fear should be secondary to the use of artificial intelligence to manipulate the world’s citizens into opposing military forces by exploiting the human penchant for community.

This is the artificial intelligence now active and deployed by Google and Facebook. And the “unintended” outcome is perhaps not so innocent. Certainly, Mark Zuckerberg’s, Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s professional track records display abundant examples of elitist thought and action.

The government of Canada needs to recognize the extent of this threat and at least open a debate that can establish funding by non-conflicted research facilities to quantify, qualify and document this phenomenon.

In the meantime, elections will be won and lost according to the ratio of center-left and right constituents versus extreme right or left voters. Gerrymandering according to political identity is far more insidious an effect than physical gerrymandering of districts. And the time of rational though imperfect democratic discourse might already have been destroyed by Facebook and Google.

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James West

Editor and Publisher

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