February 7, 2022

Top 3 Small-Cap Stocks Regardless of Fed Rate Hikes | $VXTR $OCO $SWIS

Midas Letter
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Top 3 Small-Cap Stocks Regardless of Fed Rate Hikes | $VXTR $OCO $SWIS

To profit big, sometimes you have to think small. Some of the best stocks in history started as small-cap stocks. Amazon was under $10 per share 14 years ago, and Tesla was 1% of its current valuation in 2010. Sometimes, the best investing strategy to make big gains is to believe in small companies as the large caps no longer have huge growth potential. If you pick the right small company, bearish markets and unsystematic market factors like the Fed raising interest rates will have no bearing on the explosion of potential value over time.

Investing in small-cap stocks typically comes with a higher level of risk. But you can reduce that risk by picking the right companies with compelling prospects. Microcap Explosions CEO Mariusz Skonieczny, who turned his portfolio of $10K into $7 million in twelve years, provides his three top small-cap stocks regardless of the current economic climate.

1. Voxtur Analytics Corp (CVE:VXTR, OTCMKTS:VXTRF) has been building digital real estate technology (PropTech) to empower clients, investors, lenders and governments looking to thrive in the market valued at over 100 billion dollars.

Voxtur made four key acquisitions in 2021 that have made them the complete Swiss-army knife of the real estate transaction business. As a result, the digital ecosystem has generated record financials quarter-on-quarter, year-on-year for the company, which looks set to continue into 2022. But ultimately, Voxtur has created a more profitable future for the entire real estate industry. This means increased efficiencies across all aspects of real estate transactions, resulting in higher returns for key stakeholders and lower costs for consumers.

2. Oroco Resource Corp. (CVE:OCO, OTCMKTS:ORRCF)

Copper is hot! Copper is essential to modern society and a greener future. It plays a vital role in addressing the availability of affordable and clean energy, air and noise pollution, and sustainable urban development. In addition, copper will have a critical impact in three key areas as electrified transportation grows; energy storage, charging infrastructure, and the production of electric vehicles. For all these reasons, the demand for copper is at all-time highs!

Oroco is an exploration stage company that engages in acquiring, exploring, and developing mineral properties in Mexico. It explores copper and gold deposits. The company has quality assets with historical high-grade results. The company is currently drilling to confirm those historical drill results, offering an exciting blue-sky potential.

3. Globex Data Ltd (CNSX:SWIS, OTCMKTS:SWISF) is a Cybersecurity and Internet privacy provider for email and messenger applications. The company distributes a suite of encrypted e-mails, secure communication tools, secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery and document management. In a world that is moving more and more online with the evolution of web3, crypto, blockchain, and the metaverse, the internet and data security are at the forefront. Globex’s software solutions keep businesses communications safe.


00:00 – Microcap Explosions CEO Mariusz Skonieczny
00:30 – Microcap Explosions website
01:07 – Why invest in small-caps
01:38 – Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF
02:22 – Do you invest in featured companies?
02:37 – Current investments & investment thesis’s
02:54 – Oroco Resource $OCO $ORRCF
04:30 – Globex Data $SWIS $SWISF
05:50 – Fed raising rates
07:33 – Voxtur & real estate appraisal market
09:43 – Voxtur competitors & Voxtur edge

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