February 23, 2022

Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF 2022 Growth Catalysts

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF 2022 Growth Catalysts

Voxtur Analytics Corp (CVE:VXTR, OTCMKTS:VXTRF) recently updated its corporate presentation to highlight an increase in full-year revenues of 58% in 2021.

As seen from the slide below, company revenues have been growing every year. But, 2021 was by far Voxtur’s best year financially. Multiple acquisitions took Voxtur’s extensive real estate transaction ecosystem to the next level. But don’t think the transformational proptech company to stop its triple-digit revenue growth there. 2022 could be the real inflection point with several growth catalysts on the horizon.

Voxtur Poised Revenue Growth

“2022, you’re going to see the forward-looking guidance being published soon. I would expect triple-digit growth again. People are going to say, where does that growth come from? Really, it comes from that continued organic expansion. We have a couple of new products and services that we’re delivering” – Voxtur Analytics CEO Jim Albertelli

Along with the company’s tax, title, appraisal, settlement services, and data & analytics factions, Voxtur’s default business has been lying dormant. With the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to fight inflation, several consequences will affect the real estate market. As interest rates rise, housing becomes less affordable. As a result, costs of mortgages will rise as well as new home inventory.

“With the rising rate environment, you’re going to see Voxter continue to expand, take market share, foster profits and revenues continue to increase.” – Voxtur Analytics CEO Jim Albertelli

The real estate industry is seeing a shift like many industries. The largest asset class in the world is becoming digital. Real estate data has historically been incomplete, contained errors, and lacked transparency. This inefficiency makes the $9 Trillion commercial real estate asset class primed for disruption. This shift is the basis of what Voxtur has built.

“Voxtur has built one of the largest databases in North America. We have access to all the MLS data, all the CoreLogic data, etc. So we can, in our digital workflow, as it changes, we’re ready for every change. Every one of the iterations towards a completely digital model, which is an augmented reality app for a consumer. Which we already have. And the data science, which we already have. Those two components might be the total future state or 75% of loans. Voxtur is there already. All these changes in evolution, we’re done, we’ve built it, we’re ready.” – Voxtur Analytics CEO Jim Albertelli

These changes will reduce the time for property services to be completed, thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership for the end consumer.

Currently, professionals can only perform one property valuation per day. On the Voxtur platform, a single appraiser can do upwards of 20 appraisals every single day. Studies have shown, on average, tax assessments for every property are wrong by up to 10%. Voxtur’s AI platform recognizes the inaccuracy and saves homebuyers countless expenses.

Those are just a couple of Voxtur’s solutions that will change the industry forever.

Watch the full interview for a complete 2022 update from Voxtur. CEO Jim Albertelli explains the reason for the company’s revenue growth, the digital shift of the industry, interest rate hikes and associated mortgage rates, default mortgage moratoriums and how all these factors will benefit Voxtur Analytics.


00:00 – Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF CEO Jim Albertelli
00:36 – 2021 Guidance
02:25 – 2022 Guidance
05:11 – Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae approving desktop appraisals
10:59 – Federal Housing Finance Agency AI/Machine learning bulletin
13:51 – Fed rate hikes increasing Voxtur transaction flow
18:03 – Default mortgage moratorium


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