February 11, 2022

What 7.5% CPI Inflation Rate Means to Markets? | Midas Letter RAW ft $POND $NGEN $MYNZ

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
What 7.5% CPI Inflation Rate Means to Markets? | Midas Letter RAW ft $POND $NGEN $MYNZ

Consumer prices surged more than expected over the past year, indicating a worsening outlook for inflation and supports the likelihood of substantial interest rate hikes this year.

The consumer price index (CPI) for January, which measures the costs of dozens of everyday consumer goods, rose 7.5% compared with a year ago.

Stock market futures declined following this news, with the big tech stocks getting hit especially hard as expected. Government bond yields rose accordingly with the US 10-year hitting 2%, its highest in two and half years.

But, what does this news mean to markets moving forward in the short and long-run? Stay tuned to find out.

We have 3 exclusive interviews on deck this week:

Pond Technologies Holdings Inc (CVE:POND, OTCMKTS:PNDHF) CEO Grant Smith
Cleantech, food tech and environmental, social and governance (ESG) company Pond Technologies is developing solutions that could finally solve that world problem. And the answer lies within algae. While some may think algae is just pond scum, the company has produced a patented method for capturing CO2 emissions and transforming them into revenue streams.

NervGen Pharma Corp (CVE:NGEN, OTCMKTS:NGENF) CEO Paul Brennan
NervGen is developing a new class of “neuroreparative” drugs that enable the nervous system to repair itself. The company’s lead product, NVG-291, is the only drug of its kind. It is a clinical-stage candidate that treats not only spinal cord injury with the restoration of gait but also multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s dementia.

Mainz Biomed (NASDAQ:MYNZ) CEO Guido Baechler
Mainz Biomed develops molecular genetic diagnostic solutions for life-threatening conditions. Its flagship product, ColoAlert, is an accurate, non-invasive, and easy-to-use early detection diagnostic test for colorectal cancer. The kit which is sent to people’s homes uses stool samples to detect tumours better than the standard tests (FIT). Currently, the tests are available in Europe, and the company is in the middle of a US regulatory submission process intended to be launched in the first half of 2022.


00:00 – Midas Letter RAW
00:20 – Coming Up
00:26 – Pond Technologies $POND
01:18 – NervGen Pharma $NGEN
01:32 – Mainz Biopharma $MYNZ
02:12 – Audience Questions
02:15 – Graphene Manufacturing Group $GMG batteries?
03:04 – Short-term profits in long-term flawed investments?
05:33 – Will rate hikes solve inflation?
08:59 – CPI market scenarios?
09:45 – Superbowl predictions? Sports betting vs stock market?
11:15 – US 10-year chart
11:25 – 7.5% CPI inflation data
12:12 – CPI effect on markets
12:28 – When Fed will raise rates?
13:51 – Market weakness
15:34 – Market strength
17:26 – Short-term effect of CPI data & commodity bull market
19:04 – Pond Technologies CEO Grant Smith interview
28:26 – $POND chart
28:28 – NervGen Pharma CEO Paul Brennan interview
39:32 – $NGEN chart
40:15 – Mainz Biomed CEO Guido Baechler interview
49:48 – $MYNZ chart
50:07 – Voxtur Analytics $VXTR $VXTRF applauds Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Digital Appraisals decision


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