Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on Ukraine Carve-up with Russia

It is a fascinating development that the real time news information on the Russian invasion of Ukraine is more reliably discerned from Twitter and Tiktok than CNN or the New York Times. That is not to say that it can be taken at face value as true; a measure of information triangulation is required to verify facts.

One such Tiktok video yesterday showed Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko pointing to a map and describing the joint plans with Russia to expand the current action into Moldova and Transnistria while dividing Ukraine up among themselves once conquered.

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A series of videos by account name reality_facts14 gives a great historical perspective on Russia’s real motive for coveting Ukraine: its vast natural gas reserve potential.

The idea raises some serious questions as to the potential conflict that might exist for Joe Biden since his son is/was a board member with Burisma Holdings Limited, a holding company for a group of energy exploration and production companies. It is registered in Limassol, Cyprus, but based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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After Biden’s state of the union speech last night, it might almost look as if there are plans afoot for some more direct action against Russia, as global sentiment against Russia firms up the more innocent lives are lost.

With Ukraine’s application for EU membership now accepted (though not yet approved), it looks like the west is closing ranks politically around Ukraine, and it may be just a matter of hours before we see actual foreign troop contributions to the cause on top of stepped up weapons provision.

Other social media accounts offer some plausible scenarios supporting a narrative that might see Putin clipped by one of his own, or at the very least, replaced by any of his 35+ oligarch supporters.

With the threat of nuclear launch now on the table, Putin has made the fatal mistake of threatening that which he lacks the will to follow through on. Given that there are roughly 3 times as many nuclear war heads pointed at Russia as there are from Russia, any actual use of nuclear arsenals guarantees mutual annihilation.

But having issued the threat, Putin’s own are now asking themselves if they as Russians can risk leaving their chosen despot in power if he is capable of making that mistake. Just uttering the threat may be the straw that breaks the back of his support.

Either way, one thing is increasingly certain: Putin has pulled Russia to the brink of a precipice it will not avoid; the only real question is to what extent Russia will emerge geo-politically and economically diminished from its pre-Ukraine incursion.

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