March 11, 2022

Economic Sanctions Costs on Russia vs Global Stock Market | Midas Letter RAW ft $NGC $LIT

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Economic Sanctions Costs on Russia vs Global Stock Market | Midas Letter RAW ft $NGC $LIT

As Putin continues Russia’s assault on Ukraine, US President Biden and G7 Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the European Union are resorting to further economic sanctions.

These economic sanctions hope to isolate Russia from the global financial system.

But will banning exports of luxury goods to Russia, banning new investment in any sector of the Russian Federation economy and revoking Russia’s most-favoured nation status have the desired effect of stopping the war?

Will the western sanctions only aid in developing stronger and tighter relationships between Russia, China & India? or put more negative pressure on the US dollar?

Watch the full show to find out the answer to all of these questions and some from the audience.

We have two exclusive interviews on deck:

Northern Graphite Corp (CVE:NGCOTCMKTS:NGPHF) CEO Perry Little

$NGC is a graphite exploration and producing company that will supply the forecasted growth in electric vehicle (EV) and battery demand. In December, the company announced the acquisition of two graphite-producing projects from Imerys SA (EPA:NK, OTCMKTS:IMYSF) – one of the worlds leading mineral production companies. The acquisition turns $NGPHF into the only graphite producing company in North America and the 3rd largest non-Chinese graphite producer in the world.

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp (CVE:LIT, OTCMKTS:PNXLF) VP of Exploration Miles Rideout

$LIT is focused on acquiring high-quality lithium projects in Argentinas “Lithium Triangle” and advancing them towards production. With the growing global demand for battery metals and the electric vehicle (EV) sector, lithium is a commodity that is very much needed. To supply the demand, $PNXLF is looking to utilize Argentina’s Lithium Triangle as the region hosts approximately 60% of the known lithium reserves.


00:00 – Midas Letter RAW
01:29 – Audience Questions
01:30 – Tilray $TLRY purchasing $HEXO debt?
02:00 – Russian sanctions effect on markets?
07:19 – Bitcoin / Crypto circumventing sanctions?
08:33 – Will oil trade below $90 again?
09:49 – Play during war & stagflation? & gold chart
13:26 – Amazon $AMZN stock split?
17:33 – Where to from here?
18:54 – Billionaires & oligarchs
20:58 – Russian sanctions
22:34 – “This isn’t about war! This is financial Bulls***”
23:20 – Major companies not doing business in Russia
26:10 – Green River Gold CEO Perry Little interview
37:53 – $CCR chart
38:40 – Commodity markets
38:49 – Nickel futures chart
40:19 – Lithium futures chart
41:29 – Lumber
42:03 – Volatility in US 10-year rate
42:52 – Ethereum $ETH
43:28 – Bitcoin $BTC & Biden crypto executive order
44:07 – Argentina Lithium & Energy VP of Exploration Miles Rideout interview


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