March 3, 2022

FinTech Company Building B2B NFT Offerings | CurrencyWorks $CWRK

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FinTech Company Building B2B NFT Offerings | CurrencyWorks $CWRK

CurrencyWorks Inc (CNSX:CWRKOTCMKTS:CWRK) is a FinTech company that builds turnkey blockchain solutions to expand exiting corporations’ markets and create strategic differentiators for their businesses. B2B solutions could include digital currencies, payment rails, NFTs, STOs, and any combination of digital assets inside an ecosystem.

“We use our CurrencyWorks blockchain to build out a B2B platform so that other organizations can build out NFT offerings” – CurrencyWorks Founder Cameron Chell

Currently, CurrencyWorks has a portfolio of these digital solutions within different markets. Those markets include music, photography, cars, and movies.

MusicFX – NFT platform that uses blockchain technology to strengthen and grow the bond between the fan and the artist.
MotoClub – Dedicated platform for the creation and sale of collectible NFTs based on premier automotive vehicles and memorabilia.
KodakOne – Encrypted, digital ledger of ownership rights, an archival system, and a licensing vehicle for photographers.
Vuele – Direct-to-consumer viewing platform utilizing NFT technology. Provides a stage for international film distribution, streaming of feature-length movies, and digital film memorabilia.
FreedomCoin – designed for inexpensive, instant, and secure payments and money transfers
WAX and Topps – turned the $100,000 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 inventory into non-fungible digital collectibles.
Canadian Securities Exchange – partnering with CSE and Odyssey Trust Company to build a security token reporting system to run parallel to the existing clearing and settlement services for CSE issuers.

Although CurrencyWorks has been adding to its roster of digital solutions, its growth hasn’t been reflected in its share price.

“We continue to show QoQ growth and, without giving any guidance, I’m very confident in saying our numbers are doing really, really well and we’re now approaching that point of being meaningful and continue to increase in a meaningful way.” – CurrencyWorks Founder Cameron Chell

Watch the full interview to learn about the company’s B2B digital product offerings and the NFT market.


00:00 – CurrencyWorks CEO Cameron Chell
00:45 – NFT business updates
02:13 – NFT rug pulls
04:38 – NFT monetization
07:50 – CurrencyWorks profitability
09:55 – Competitors

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