March 25, 2022

Have EV Battery Metals or Crypto FOMO? Here’s What to Know | Midas Letter Daily ft $BNXA $STS

Midas Letter
Midas Letter
Have EV Battery Metals or Crypto FOMO? Here's What to Know | Midas Letter Daily ft $BNXA $STS

Missing out on the next big thing is always the biggest fear for an investor. If you missed out on the first or second Bitcoin ($BTC) bull cycles, you may be thinking a third boom is upon us. Equally, the price of battery metal lithium has doubled this calendar year and is up over 500% since  2019. As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) are only going to increase on our roads, is it too late to dive into the materials driving their supply?

Adding to the commodity price momentum is inflation, stemming from central bank monetary and interest rate policy over the last two decades. The price of lithium, other battery metals will be extremely volatile for the foreseeable future.

Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are also violently volatile and have wild intraday price swings. This rocketship to the moon and back can inspire some of the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) sentiments.

Watch the full show where we separate the hype from the true potential and what you need to know before investing in either industry.

We have two CEO interviews on deck which also addresses this week’s Midas Letter RAW theme:

Banxa Holdings Inc (CVE:BNXA, OTCMKTS:BNXAF) Founder Domenic Carosa has the vision to make digital assets available to everyone. He is creating the world’s first stock exchange-listed Fintech Payment Service Provider (PSP) & Reg Tech provider for the digital asset industry. Think Stripe or the Paypal of the crypto world. Banxa is building the payments and compliance bridge between “fiat” and “digital assets”.

This is the best time in a decade to have projects lined up and ready to go in the battery metals space. South Star Battery Metals Corp (CVE:STSOTCMKTS:STSBF) is fully licenced and permitted to become the first new battery metals producer in the Americas in a decade. CEO Richard Pearce believes the current and future market conditions leave the company in the position to have a billion-dollar valuation in 5-7 years.


00:00 – Midas Letter RAW
00:26 – Coming Up
01:51 – Audience Questions
01:58 – How James became interested in markets?
02:43 – Ukraine/Russia peak conflict reached?
04:51 – Market mood and bounce in stocks?
07:11 – Fed in control of inflation?
08:12 – Sprott & AMC investing in gold mine?
10:09 – Lithium at $70K per tonne, where to from here?
15:14 – South Star Battery Metals $STS $STSBF CEO Richard Pearce interview
32:13 – CVE: STS chart
33:44 – Cryptocurrencies
35:02 – Banxa Holdings $BNXA $BNXAF CEO Domenic Carosa interview
50:55 – CVE:BNXA chart
51:45 – Bitcoin $BTC
52:52 – Central bank digital currencies


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