March 30, 2022

Revolutionary EV Battery with 15 Minute Charge Time | Atlis Motor Vehicles

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Revolutionary EV Battery with 15 Minute Charge Time | Atlis Motor Vehicles

Atlis Motor Vehicles revolutionizes the electric vehicle (EV) battery market with the world’s first AMV Cube Cell. This new battery can charge from 0-100% in less than 15 minutes and doesn’t sacrifice performance, even in difficult environments.

“It is really designed to make that big leap forward. Today, EVs take over an hour to charge to full. We’re looking to transition back towards the internal combustion experience where 10-15 minutes, you fill up, you get some snacks, you go use the restroom, and you’re out of there. That’s what that thing does for us. It’s the groundwork for an EV that can charge from 0 – 100% in 15 minutes.” – Atlis Motor Vehicles CEO Mark Hanchett

Atlis uses its revolutionary battery in three different business pillars.

First, its core differentiating battery cell technology. Atlis has been working on this new cell battery technology for several years and is now approaching commercialization. The battery leverages best practices around heat management, thermal management, reducing electrical resistance. This design takes a giant leap forward for EVs, as a typical one-hour charge time can now be completed in 15 minutes.

Second, Atlis has created an electric pickup truck (the XT Pickup Truck) to rival box trucks and emergency vehicles. The truck has a 15-minute charge time, a range of 500 miles and a 35,000lbs towing capacity. We should see the first Atlis vehicle on the road by this year.

Third, Atlis has developed a platform to allow aftermarket vehicle partners to electrify anything using its core technology.

If this sounds exciting, although still a private company, Atlis is accepting investment through a Reg A+ offering. The company has raised about $27 million in all of its Reg A+ and Reg C capital raises. And if you are worried about liquidity when investing in a private company, it looks like Atlis are taking steps to become public this year.

“We are in the process of being public this year. That’s about all I can tell you currently.” – Atlis Motor Vehicles CEO Mark Hanchett

Although the electric vehicle market is down due to companies overpromising and underdelivering, watch this full interview to hear from a company still providing disruptive excitement.


00:00 – Atlis Motor Vehicles CEO Mark Hanchett
00:38 – Business overview
02:23 – Reg A+ & C capital raises
02:49 – How long until Atlis vehicles are on the road?
03:13 – AMV cube cell battery
04:08 – Battery chemical composition
05:03 – Rising price of lithium impacting Atlis economics
05:33 – Rising lithium price decreasing future demand for electric vehicles?
06:09 – XT Pickup Truck
06:42 – First commercial products
07:01 – Timeline until company public listing
07:19 – Electric vehicle market performance
08:10 – Who manufactures AMV cube battery?
08:28 – Scaling battery manufacturing
08:55 – Battery factories being built in North America
10:00 – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA $TSLA) Cybertruck waitlist
11:45 – Global supply-chain issues


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