March 10, 2022

“We’ve Found a Treasure Chest of Metals” (Gold, Magnesium, Nickel) | Green River Gold $CCR $CCRRF

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“We’ve Found a Treasure Chest of Metals” (Gold, Magnesium, Nickel) | Green River Gold $CCR $CCRRF

Green River Gold Corp (CNSX:CCROTCMKTS:CCRRF) has always seen a near-term cash flow potential for hard rock gold discoveries in its projects located in the rich mining history of the Cariboo District. The company has 26 square kilometres of gold properties with great regional trends and prospects. However, the company’s new assay results have commanded all of its focus as they have “found a treasure chest of metals”.

“Last summer we did a magnetic survey and identified a significant magnetic anomaly, trending southeast to the southwest on our property. That magnetic anomaly looks like it’s close to where our Talc deposit is. Turns out, we’ve got a bunch of metals in with this Talc. So, we’ve found a treasure chest here in the last couple of months. It’s been a game-changer for us. Then it changed the focus of the company in the short-term.” – Green River Gold CEO Perry Little

When Green River Gold, staked its Fontaine property in 2019, management was aware of the possibility of significant other mineral occurrences, beyond just gold. But they were not expecting the amount and grade of metals they found in its latest assay results.

“If you add the value of the magnesium, the chromium and the nickel, the dollar per tonne on this, starting right at the surface, is insane. I could quote the number but you’ll just shake your head and laugh at me. If it was a gold deposit, you would be trying to get permits to mine it tomorrow.” – Green River Gold CEO Perry Little

The assay results show 17.99% magnesium content whereas the XRF gun results indicated only 1.4% magnesium content. The higher percentage of magnesium was not expected and adds yet another mineral to the existing nickel, chromium and talc that has already been shown to exist on the property. Magnesium prices are up 170% in the past year.

The nickel, chromium and magnesium are found right inside a known talc occurrence.

”We’ve got something here that I think is pretty spectacular. We have a number of valuable commodities swimming in a sea of talc, so if our waste rock was talc and we could sell it, that’s not a bad situation.” – Green River Gold CEO Perry Little


00:00 – Green River GOLD $CCR $CCRRF CEO Perry Little
00:45 – Business overview & new Nickel/Talc Project
06:53 – Additional core assays
09:35 – Additional assay results timeline

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