Morally Bankrupt: German economy takes priority over Ukrainian life and liberty

It sounds callous but it is evident by the restart of the Nord stream one pipeline that Ukraine has become an expendable pawn in the larger geopolitical game. That G-7 leaders have decided to prioritize German economic health over Ukrainian life and liberty is the only conclusion a rational mind could reach. Thus, Russia has in many respects already won this so-called war.

But the West’s claims to the mantle of Democratic integrity and principles has become increasingly dubious of late.

Trudeau, obviously a G7 team player, forfeited Canada’s chance to put the wellbeing of Ukrainians ahead of Germany’s economic interest, which comes as no surprise.

I attempt to try on these German shoes by imagining my house in winter with a gas shortage. While it might be a tremendous inconvenience to rely on firewood and electric heat, I can’t quite arrive at the conclusion that my comfort trumps the Ukrainian right to the liberty and life that is my birthright here in Canada.

Though that birthright must needs be objectively questioned in the context of First Nations contract violations on a national scale. The weak drivel that passes for “truth and reconciliation” – you know, where people mumble insincere acknowledgements that we are on such-and-such’s tribal ancestral lands – has got to be the new international poster for hypocrisy in leadership.

Don’t mistake me for a First Nations wet blanket; as a hard core Darwinist, I categorically reject any claims to land based on “we were here first” rationale. You say “invasive species” I say “migratory species”. And Darwin says “survival of the fittest”. First Nations were migrants as well initially.

I do support First Nations land claims based on the fact that land purchases from them by early settlers were completely dishonoured and they were never paid what was agreed. How can the business environment be moral when such national delinquencies remain oustanding?

But lets not bog down in breast pounding moralizing.

What we should all be thoroughly outraged by is the mantle of credibility such feeble governance gives to this nascent ‘freedom’ cult soiling our domestic political discourse. Hypocrisy at the government level breeds radicalism at the street level, and anyone who denies the connection is clearly deficient in cerebral throughput. Or at least in any social anthropology.

Biden’s apparent choice of economy over justice for the murderer Mohammed Bin Salman to assuage America’s gasoline addiction is highly representative of (and consistent with) the West’s hypocritical posturing and corrupt morality.

The message is clear: You can’t be honest, forthright, respectful or steadfast if you want to win.

With leadership like this, how can there be a rational expectation for law and order in society?

Google will block this
The ability for hypercritical discourse to arise in the public context is negligible, thanks to the sterilization by Google’s algorithmic censorship of any content that cogently critiques western leaders. They push forward the outlandish and febrile extremism of the freedom radicals to induce the participation and support of these governments because it serves their interest in maintaining the monopoly it has on monetizing human interest.

The decrepit rentable values of our elected leaders are the direct outcome of the massive power imbalance that the global billionaire oligarch class exercises over political processes. Dollars win elections, since votes are bought from the masses with large expensive (and profitable for Google) disinformation campaigns.

As I age, the veil of justice, honour and compassion that we are taught to wear over our eyes from childhood is dissolving, revealing a largely self-destructive mutual cannibalism that renders the veil an illusion.

The bottom line here is that human rights is a contradiction in terms, democracy is dead, and the prevailing political system is Oligarchy. We are all lambs led to the slaughter by our complacency.

James West

Editor and Publisher

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