Jamie Dimon called BitCoin a fraud last week, and he’s right. But only in the context that all fiat currencies are arguably fraudulent, and are only made viable by the collective faith and [...]
James West

Alex Tapscott is the author, along with his father Don Tapscott, of “Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World“. He is also the founder of a [...]
James West

Canadian banks drove the  S&P/TSX Composite index (INDEXTSI:OSPTX) to a strong finish last week as the Royal Bank of Canada (TSE:RY), Toronto-Dominion Bank (TSE:TD), and Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO)(NYSE:BMO), all shouldered more value as the likelihood of [...]
James West

The International Monetary Fund published its 1st quarter 2017 Economic Outlook on Sunday, January 15. The forecast was upbeat, and pointed to expectations for “fiscal easing” and slower “normalization of monetary policy” as [...]
James West


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Small Cap Discoveries Editor Paul Andreola on Lingo Media Corp, Biosyent Inc., Cipher Pharmaceuticals, Lite Access Technologies

James West

Small Cap Discoveries Editor Paul Andreola joins The Ten Baggers to discuss how his team is able to identify winners like Lingo Media Corp (TSX.V:LM) (OTCMKTS:LMDCF), XPEL Technologies Corp (CVE:DAP.U), Biosyent Inc. (TSX.V:RX)(OTCMKTS:BIOYF), Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CPHR)(TSE:CPH), and Lite Access Technologies Inc.(CNSX:LTE) before they make their biggest moves.   James West:    Paul, thanks for joining us today. Paul Andreola: Thanks, James. Happy to be here. James West:    So Paul, you produce a newsletter called Small Cap Discoveries at Why […]

TIO Networks Inc. CEO Hamed Shahbazi on Record Q3

James West

TIO Networks Inc. (TSX.V:TNC) (OTCMKTS:TNCGF) joins James West and Ed Milewski on The Ten Baggers, the new talk show that invites CEO’s of Canada’s top publicly traded emerging companies for a frank conversation about their value proposition for investors, and their potential to become that holy grail of stock investing – The Ten Bagger!. James West:    Hamed, thanks for joining us today. Hamed Shahbazi: Thank you for having me. James West:    Hamed, you just released your first quarter results for […]

TIO Networks Inc. CEO Hamed Shahbazi Interview Podcast

James West

James West:    Gentlemen, thanks for joining me today. Hamed Shahbazi: Thank you. U.S.:     It’s a pleasure to be with you. James West:    Why don’t we start with, we talked to you about a year ago. You’ve obviously been executing on your business model. Why don’t we refresh the memories of my listeners with the value proposition for investors from TIO. Hamed Shahbazi: Great. We are a multi-channel bill payment network, and what we do is we help billers, which are […]

TSX and TSX Venture BizDev Head Michael Kousaie Interview Podcast

James West

James West:    Michael, thanks for joining us today. Michael Kousaie:     It’s my pleasure, James. Very nice to speak with you. James West:    Michael, why don’t you give me an overview of the benefit for health care and technology companies seeking a public listing, in choosing the TSX? Michael Kousaie:     Look, when companies in really any sector look at where they might want to list, I think one of the first questions they’re going to ask themselves is, where are you […]

Nobilis Health Corp CEO Chris Lloyd Interveiw Podcast

James West

James West:    Chris, thanks for joining us today. Chris Lloyd:   Thanks. I appreciate you having me. James West:    Chris, what is the value proposition for investors in Nobilis Health Corp? Chris Lloyd:   Well, I think it’s important to point out that Nobilis is probably more like its competitors than it is dislike its competitors. We’re playing in a, or competing in a, vibrant and growing health care arena in the US. Where we set ourselves apart from the competition is […]

Haim Bodek, Author of High Frequency Trading Podcast Interview

James West

Haim Bodek is the CEO of Decimus Capital Markets LLC based in Stamford Connecticut. He is a globally recognized expert in High Frequency Trading and the market structure upon which it is executed. His 2013 book The Problem of HFT exposed the problems with that structure and the ‘special’ order types that allow well-connected insiders access advantages that equate into unfair advantages for those so affiliated. He was the founder of Trading Machines LLC, a high frequency options trading firm […]

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