Life Sciences

IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc (TSE:I) (NASDAQ:IPCI) (FRA:I4A) CEO Dr. Isa Odidi is passionate about preventing overdose deaths from pills. So much so, in fact, that he started a company that does exactly that with an [...]


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Knight Therapeutics CEO Jonathan Goodman Interview Podcast

Knight Therapeutics (TSE:GUD) CEO Jonathan Goodman discusses his company’s strategy of acquiring already licensed drugs and pharmaceuticals and bringing them to Canada for the benefit of Canadians. Transcript: James West:   Jonathan, thank you for joining us today. Jonathan Goodman:    Thank you. Thank you for having me. James West:    Jonathan, could you please outline very generally what is the business model and opportunity for investors in Knight Therapeutics, please? Jonathan Goodman:    We want to become Canada’s leading specialty pharmaceutical company. We […]

PediaPharm Inc. CEO Sylvain Chretien Interview Podcast

PediaPharm Inc. CEO Sylvain Chretien discusses his company’s licensing agreement with Roche Holding Ltd. (VTX:ROG), as well as the features of the business model that have attracted marquis investors such as  Senvest Capital Inc. (TSE:SEC), Knight Therapeutics Inc. (TSE:GUD), and  Bloom Burton. James West: Sylvain your company recently touched a 52-week high in the shares of Pedipharm. Can you give me an overview of what the value proposition is for investors in Pediapharm and what has been catalyzing such excellent performance in […]