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If you missed William Shatner’s latest role as pitchman for Priceline (NASDAQ:PCLN) during its run-up to US$2,000 a share, you might be in luck. He’s about to start boosting LottoGopher (OTCQB:LTTGF)(CSE:LOTO)(FRA:2LG) as official [...]
James West

LottoGopher Holdings Inc. (CNSX:LOTO) (FRA:2LG) – the lottery “gopher” service delivering tickets for PowerBall, MegaMillions and other popular lotteries in the State of California – scored a big checkmark in the management box with [...]
James West

It comes as no surprise to anyone outside of the United States that leaders of nations allied with the U.S. no longer see it as the leader of the free world. Worse, governments [...]
James West

LottoGopher Holdings Inc. (CNSX:LOTO) begins trading Tuesday, May 23, 2017, and CEO James Morel joins James West on a visual podcast to discuss the company’s business model and value proposition to investors. Watch, [...]
James West


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Province Brands CEO Dooma Wendschuh and the Cannabis “Alcohol Killer”

James West

Province Brands is the brainchild of former Assasin’s Creed developer Dooma Wendschuh. These are a range of alcohol-free, cannabinoid-charged adult beverages that can be consumed instead of alcholic beverages but without the detrimental side effects of alcohol. And better still, the “dose curve” of these novel creations will emulate that of alcohol, meaning consumers won’t need an hour for the effect to come on, and 4-6 hours for the effects to wear off. The company is in the process of […]

PODCAST: Myomo Inc. CEO Paul Gudonis on becoming the First Reg A+ IPO to list on NYSE MKT

James West

Myomo Inc is a medical robotics company based in Cambridge, MT is a developer of next-generation orthotics that include “powered braces” that support impaired hands and arms. The company has raised over US$20 million via Regulation A+, which, for those who don’t know, enables companies like Myomo to raise millions of dollars from individual investors without giving away the company to an investment bank. They will become the first company to list on the NYSE MKT via IPO using Regulation […]

ImmunoVaccine Inc. CEO Dr. Marc Mansour Interview Podcast

James West

James West:    Marc, thanks for joining us today. Marc Mansour:  A pleasure to be on the phone with you. James West:    Marc, can you give us an overview of what the value proposition is for investors in ImmunoVaccine? Marc Mansour:  Well, ImmunoVaccine is an exciting company. We’re very well-positioned in immunotherapy, which is now one of the hottest sectors in biotech. These are therapies that use the immune system to influence disease; in this case, it’s cancer immunotherapy. And our […]

Patient Home Monitoring ‘s Michael Dalsin on Next Big Thing for PHM

James West

Patient Home Monitoring Corp. (CVE:PHM) (OTCMKTS:PHMZF) Michael Dalsin outlines why bigger and better deals acquisitions are going to propel PHM above and beyond a $billion in sales sooner rather than later. Transcript: James West:    Mike, thanks for joining us again. Michael Dalsin: Sure. James West:    Mike, let’s start off with your press release today. Another surprise; it seems like the size and the calibre of your acquisitions are getting bigger and better. Tell us a bit about the deal you […]

NYX Gaming Group Ltd. CEO Matt Davey Interview Podcast

James West

NYX Gaming Group Ltd. CEO Matt Davey outlines his business and how its reception among Canadian investors has been positive thanks to the success of forerunners in the gaming space Amaya Inc. (TSE:AYA) and Intertain Group Ltd. (TSE:IT), as well as the compelling aspects of his business model in the world of online gaming. Transcript James West:    Matt, thanks for joining us today. Matt Davey:    Thanks, James. James West:    Can you give me an overview of exactly what is the […]

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