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In the last 12 months, here are our carefully chosen picks and their performance to date:


Canopy Growth Corporation

Cost Basis 1.21     Last Price 31.81      2528.93%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Oct 21, 2015


Reliq Health Technologies Inc.

Cost Basis 0.28     Last Price 2.29      717.86%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Oct 26, 2017


OrganiGram Holdings Inc.

Cost Basis 2.20     Last Price 4.23      92.27%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Sep 3, 2014


Millennial Lithium Corp.

Cost Basis 1.35     Last Price 3.15      133.33%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Oct 27, 2016


Mason Graphite Inc.

Cost Basis 0.90     Last Price 1.81      101.11%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Mar 28, 2014


Cronos Group Inc.

Cost Basis 0.60     Last Price 12.30      1950.00%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Jan 25, 2017


Aphria Inc.

Cost Basis 0.87     Last Price 13.70      1474.71%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Mar 18, 2017


Patroit One Technologies Inc.

Cost Basis 0.60     Last Price 1.91      218.33%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Oct 5, 2016


Lithium Americas Corp.

Cost Basis 1.04     Last Price 8.05      674.04%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Apr 17, 2012


MGX Minerlas Inc.

Cost Basis 0.19     Last Price 1.30      584.21%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Feb 21, 2017

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Midas Letter’s Emerging Company Orientation

My inclination toward investing in and covering Canada’s Emerging company segment is based on an affinity for and love of entrepreneurialism, and the ‘never say die’ spirit that embodies it. All mega-cap, multinational, blue-chip stocks began life as a startup. Without a steady flow of new companies up the economic ladder into profitable enterprises ripe for acquisition, the mega-caps would stagnate and die.

Start-ups are where all the big ideas are born. It is in start-up companies that visionary leadership ignores the naysayers in single-minded pursuit of an idea that is worthwhile, and usually a benefit to humanity.

With start-ups, I can easily reach management. In fact, I’m on a first name, call anytime-basis with probably two-thirds of all TSX Venture CEOs in Canada. The financial statements are uncomplicated and no forensic mindset is required, as is the case with mega-caps, where ‘off-balance sheet entities’ were born.

While it is indeed a verifiable statistic that 90% of start-ups ultimately fail, therein lies both the challenge and the opportunity.

It is only among emerging companies that one can light upon 1,000 percent gains. For every 9 out of ten companies that will fail, a disciplined approach to the segment can easily generate outsized returns that more than compensate for the majority of losers.

My approach is simple and proven.