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My inclination toward investing in and covering emerging company segment is based on an affinity for and love of entrepreneurialism, and the ‘never say die’ spirit that embodies it. All mega-cap, multinational, blue-chip stocks began life as a startup. Without a steady flow of new companies up the economic ladder into profitable enterprises ripe for acquisition, the mega-caps would stagnate and die.

Start-ups are where all the big ideas are born. It is in start-up companies that visionary leadership ignores the naysayers in single-minded pursuit of an idea that is worthwhile, and usually a benefit to humanity.

With start-ups, I can easily reach management. In fact, I’m on a first name, call anytime-basis with probably two-thirds of all TSX Venture CEOs. The financial statements are uncomplicated and no forensic mindset is required, as is the case with mega-caps, where ‘off-balance sheet entities’ were born.

– James West | Founder of Midas Letter

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Top Performing Stocks

In the last 12 months, here are our carefully chosen picks and their performance to date.


Canopy Growth Corporation

Cost Basis 1.21     Highest Price 5223.97      2528.93%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Oct 21, 2015


OrganiGram Holdings Inc.

Cost Basis 2.20     Highest Price 9.97      353.18%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Sep 3, 2014


Lithium Americas Corp.

Cost Basis 1.04     Highest Price 13.56      1203.85%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Apr 17, 2012


MGX Minerlas Inc.

Cost Basis 0.19     Highest Price 2.28      1100%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Feb 21, 2017


Score Media and Gaming Inc.

Cost Basis 0.2581     Highest Price 0.79      206.08%

First Mention on Midas Letter | May 15, 2018


Shopify Inc.

Cost Basis 326.34     Highest Price 1031.74      216.15%

First Mention on Midas Letter |


WELL Health Technologies Corp.

Cost Basis 0.9153     Highest Price 6.79      641.83%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Nov 15, 2018


Vaxart Inc

Cost Basis 1.32     Highest Price 17.49      1225%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Mar 30, 2020


Novavax Inc.

Cost Basis 13.34     Highest Price 189.4      1319.79%

First Mention on Midas Letter | Mar 30, 2020