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James West

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Could Patriot One Technologies Inc (CVE:PAT) (OTCMKTS:PTOTF) (FRA:0P1) be the next TASER International, Inc (NASDAQ:TASR)? Former U.S. Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge endorses Patriot One’s groundbreaking and disruptive weapons detection system in this 5 minute video.


In 2015, in the United States alone!, there were 372 mass shootings that took the lives of 475 people and left 1,870 wounded. In addition to that, last year, 62 U.S. police officers were killed in the line of duty – Adding the ‘worldwide’ terrorist incidents, and it’s even more staggering…

This new ground-breaking technology…had it been deployed on-site, might have stopped many of the world’s most notorious terror acts.

My name is James West, editor and publisher of the Midas Letter. You have may have seen me on CNBC, or on Bloomberg, and even Reuters, or read my regular column at the Financial Post.

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Patriot One Technologies has launched what police; military and security experts have been wanting for years

A breakthrough technology which identifies concealed weapons, shutting down potential threats, while at the same time, increasing public safety.

Patriot One’s advanced security scanner monitors choke points at schools, airports, shopping centers, places of worship, nightclubs, sporting events, concerts, parades, transportation hubs, and private & government buildings…almost any place where people are exposed to a threat.

The Patriot One weapons detection system delivers a disruptive, revolutionary change to the status quo in today’s security world. To put it simply, It’s a game-changer with enormous global potential.

This revolutionary security system is called the NForce CRM 1000 which is said to detect and reveal all sorts of deadly concealed weapons including assault rifles, handguns, knives, grenades, and even the possibility of explosive vests!

 Tom Ridge, America’s first cabinet-level Secretary of Homeland Security appointed by President George W. Bush, now endorses and supports global deployment of Patriot One’s weapons scanner, calling it: Disruptive technology that should be of interest to everybody, not just the Department of Homeland Security.

It takes more than just a great idea …it takes influence, connections, authority, and commitment to propel a company like Patriot One to the front lines, and Tom Ridge could have the juice to get it done.

To prove it, I set up an interview in which he confirmed everything I suspected. He was very clear on his support for Patriot One’s cognitive radar technology.

With a new, security-focused administration in place, the U.S. government is likely to drive this even harder!

It’s also the first and only technology I’ve found that can isolate and identify the Lone Wolf threat!


Case in point, it’s the bright, new, emerging companies, where all the big ideas are born. I strive to discover the right leadership that ignores the naysayers and a company with a tenacious ability to follow through on new technology that is both disruptive, and could be a benefit to humanity… Patriot One delivers!

Take for example… Taser International

Demand for police body cameras, following the Woodstock, Virginia and Ferguson, Missouri incidents, triggered a stampede of investors into TASER International stock. Investors who got in early in 2012 saw share prices skyrocket into mid-2015…up an astonishing 884%!

Wall Street loves to invest in security technology, which is proving to be among the fastest growing investment categories to come along in decades.

And I believe Patriot One Technologies is setting up to become one of the most important new technology companies in 2017!  – Literally, there are millions of installation points that could be on target for Patriot One devices. With that kind of market potential, I’m covering Patriot One Technologies for all my current subscribers.

With that said, always consult a duly accredited investment professional in your jurisdiction, prior to making any investment decision.

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